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Professional & Reimbursement by Health Insurance
Free Consult and Sessions by protected Video Calling
Achieve inner peace and connection
Create the life and connection you wish for!
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Create the life and connection you wish for!

It is my passion to understand how our mind works and to program it to what you want.

I started an intensive process of personal development with my study psychosocial counselling. It helped me to experience life a lot lighter and more brightful.

In Live The Connection and other methods to reprogram yourself I found later an amazing effective instrument to create further the inner peace and connection that I want.

Additionally I created my wished-for practice to coach people in achieving their goals.
I love to help you create also the life and connection you wish for!

Professional, Reimbursement by the health insurance & Tariff

I like to offer quality. I maintain my knowledge and experience through refresher courses, intervision and supervision. Also I am a member of the professional association for Psychosocial Counselling (LVPW).

In my coaching practice I work according to their criteria for quality, professional code and resolving complaints.

The sessions I offer are being reimbursed by the additional health insurance. The reimbursement you can look up at this page of my professional association LVPW.

My tariff is 80 euro per hour. The duration of my sessions is 1,5 hour. Double sessions are also possible if requested. Included in my tarif per hour is a written report of the stress and blockages we have worked on, the goals your work on and the 'home work' we have discussed.

During the CORONA-period I have a special offer:
Sessions of 30 minutes are possible for learning you more about releasing stress with the ABC of destressing. The tariff for a 30 minute session by protected video calling (AVG proof ISO27001) is 40 euro.
If you have budget for reimbursement of your additional health insurance, most health insurances reimburse 40 euro.


Free Consult

Do you have a problem and do you want to know if I can help you with it?
Send me an email and I will contact you for a free consult of 30 minutes.

In the consult we’ll discuss which possibilities I see for you to reprogram your subconscious to solve your problem.

The consult wil take place by protected video calling.


More information

On my website I publish regularly blogs about programming your subconscious to what you desire.

Some subjects of my blogs:
Programming yourself
Stress en burnout
Physical complaints
Ability to selfheal

For references about my coaching click here.

Sessions are possible in my consulting room in Hilversum. But also by protected video calling are sessions possible.

CORONA: at the moment I only offer sessions by protected (ISO27001) video calling. This safe connection of Microsoft will ensure your privacy.

You can also read my blogs and vision about programming yourself on facebook. You can follow me by liking my page.

If you subscribe to my newsletter, you will receive my latest blogs and updates in your inbox.

I look forward to hear from you!

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LIVE THE CONNECTION Core Workshop, Theme Workshops Family, Communication, Vanishing Twin and Boundaries, Supervision
PSYCH-K Basic Workshop, Pro Workshop, Advanced Work and Health & Wellbeing Workshop
Refreshing Beliefs Ecourse
Psychosocial Basic Knowledge
Higher Professional Education (HBO) Psychosocial Counselling
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De-stress & Mindset Coach

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