Ida Kuijk

Goal oriented
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  • Practice meetup
  • Professional Live The Connection coach

‘As an active individual and entrepreneur, I have realized a number of dreams and was able to experience how fantastic that is. Realizing your dreams means choosing the most valuable way, which is not always the easiest one. I am familiar with the obstacles a person can encounter along the way, external as well as internal, such as impending thoughts and stress. Rewriting inner programs directly at a subconscious level is very helpful for achieving goals. And I am happy to guide you in this effort.’

My support is based on Live the Connection®, PSYCH-K® and NAC life coaching techniques. In addition to personal sessions, I also offer lectures, open practice days and workshops.


Droomversneller (‘Dream accelerator’) Ida Kuyk has been an independent entrepreneur since 1992 and is now Live the Connection® Coach, Health and Wellbeing PSYCH-K® Facilitator and NAC Life Coach. She communicates openly and directly.

Ida Kuyk is a member of the intervision group Midden-Nederland and follows supervision by Marina Riemslagh. For the WKKGZ registration she is registered with NIBIG (Dutch Institute for Advocacy Integral Healthcare).

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