Ida Kuijk

Goal oriented
Teacher type
  • Practice meetup
  • Professional Live The Connection coach

‘As an active individual and entrepreneur, I have realized a number of dreams and was able to experience how fantastic that is. Realizing your dreams means choosing the most valuable way, which is not always the easiest one. I am familiar with the obstacles a person can encounter along the way, external as well as internal, such as impending thoughts and stress. Rewriting inner programs directly at a subconscious level is very helpful for achieving goals. And I am happy to guide you in this effort.’

My support is based on Live the Connection®, PSYCH-K® and NAC life coaching techniques. In addition to personal sessions, I also offer lectures, open practice days and workshops.


Droomversneller (‘Dream accelerator’) Ida Kuyk has been an independent entrepreneur since 1992 and is now Live the Connection® Coach, Health and Wellbeing PSYCH-K® Facilitator and NAC Life Coach. She communicates openly and directly.

Ida Kuyk is a member of the intervision group Midden-Nederland and follows supervision by Marina Riemslagh. For the WKKGZ registration she is registered with NIBIG (Dutch Institute for Advocacy Integral Healthcare).

Themaworkshop Grensoverschrijding Live the Connection
Familieworkshop Live the Connection®
Communicatieworkshop Live the Connection®
LOVE Method® Kernmodule
Health & Wellbeing Program PSYCH-K®
Workshop on De-stressing LOVE Method®
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Divine Integration PSYCH-K®
Advanced Integration Workshop PSYCH-K®
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Training Ander Leven - Alexander Concept
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Haptonomie & Communication
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